Holiday Cookies


I love holiday cookies!  I enjoy every part of the cookie process, from shopping for the ingredients, to the production and decoration, to the clean up at the very end (and there is usually quite a bit) and of course to the taste testing (for quality control proposes of course 😉 ).  I am still creating my cookie menu for this year, however in the mean time I thought I would share a neat cookie calendar I found.

Allrecipes is a cooking/baking site I visit often; sometimes for specific recipe and then sometime just for ideas.  Every year they come out with a “count down” calendar for the holidays, and this years calendar is especially fun.   Not only do you get a new cookie recipe each day, but you get to see where the cookie is from on their rotating ornament map.  So without further a do, please click the following link to see the cookie of the day (and to catch up on any you missed).  Don’t forget to check back each day for a new cookie. 🙂

Christmas Cookie Countdown 2008

All the best ~ Ms. V


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